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Holidays full of fun all over the world

Travel has always been an important activity to almost all people around the world. Millions of people travel abroad either for business or pleasure. A great holiday well spent or a successful business trip should be planned well to enjoy all the benefits of the trip. This is where a travel guide comes in handy. "Days of fun" is a travel guide web site on which we offer advice and useful tips for travellers to take advantage of their journey and enjoy their time. We also advertise booking facilities of flights, hotels, car rentals and holiday packages offered by travel agents and tour operators. You can also read article about travel and holidays which help you plan and enjoy your trip.

There are more than 250 countries in the world, each country has its characteristics, culture and its own tourists attractions. People who love travelling plan their holidays ahead by learning more about the country they intend to visit. Browse our travel guide and look for travel and tourism information about your favourite destinations.






Although there are other ways to enjoy travelling like cruises, buses or cars, airplanes stay the best way to travel to your destination. Flying advantages include speed, comfort and safety.

We offer searching through a database of hundreds airlines to compare airfares and select the best one to book.

By searching for available flights you will be able to choose the the appropriate airline to book your air trip on board its planes.

Hotels and Accommodation

Although hotels represent a convenient and comfortable way of staying in the country you visit, you can also rent an apartment or a cottage depending on the place you plan to travel to. Either way you can spend many days of fun if you choose your accommodation place right.

Hotels can be luxurious 5 stars or a cheap cozy hotels starting at one star where you will be able to have a low budget holiday and save your money to spend on other activities during your stay.

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What a fabulous way to spend your holiday. You can travel in a cruise through the sea or through a river in the country you go to.

Cruise trips are perfect for people looking for tranquility and relaxing atmosphere to spend a memorable holiday full of calmness and fun.

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