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Egypt has an ancient civilization of more than seven thousand years. It has some of the oldest monuments in the world. Luxor is considered an open museum which has one fifth of the world's heritage. In addition to the Pharaonic monuments there are also other historical sites that belong to later times throughout Egypt age.

Recently, Egypt has built a solid foundation to accommodate the increasing number of tourists coming every year to enjoy their holidays. There are various activities to exercise in Egypt like going on a desert safari, scuba diving, sightseeing and shopping.

Communications have improved a lot during the  past years which encouraged many people to come to Egypt and doing business while enjoying a few days vacation in this fabulous country.

Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. Beach on the Red sea Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh  Egypt

If you are looking for a cheap destination to spend your holiday in then Egypt is the wise choice as there are lots of things to do and places to visit in Egypt at low prices. You can enjoy a Nile cruise trip, a desert Safari excursion or a camel ride while exploring the ancient monuments of Egypt in Giza, Luxor or Abu sembel where the great temples and tombs of Pharaohs are.

The weather in Egypt is moderate in the period from September to December, tends to be cool during January and February and then temperature rises starting from March till it gets hot in June, July and August. During summer you can enjoy the beach in Alexandria and the North coast of the Mediterranean and you can enjoy the sun in Southern part of Egypt and desert oasis during Winter months. Thus you can visit Egypt any time of the year according to your preferred activitis.

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